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Op-ed Submission Guidelines

Rewrite the BiLine is partnering with LA Progressive and Hollywood Progressive to provide a platform for bi+ thinkers to help shape the important political, cultural, and social justice conversations of our time. If you identify as bi+, we want to hear from you!

Why Bi+ Voices

Rewrite the BiLine's research shows that news media at the intersection of race and LGBTQ+ issues is limited, and it is nearly non-existent on bi+ issues and race.  In fact, we found:

  • Although people who experience attraction to more than one gender make up approximately 60 percent of the LGBTQ+ community, less than 7% of LGBTQ+ news coverage in the last 30 years is of bi+ people and issues;

  • Over 66% of articles in the most recent decade (2013 to 2023) in which “bisexuality” was the main subject focused only on medical issues (i.e. HIV and/or bi+ men’s ability to donate blood), discrimination, and inequality; and

  • Media representation of bi+ people does not reflect the lived experience of bi+ people, manifested in the lack of bi+ people quoted in articles.  

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